Hardware Repair
        Our technicians here at NetTech PC are able to repair or replace corrupt or broken computer hardware, and can get it done fast as well. Laptops especially are at risk of damage, and failed parts such as the monitor can not be easily replaced as it can with desktop. However, our technicians can remedy the damage with our experience in repairs on all kinds of computer hardware.
System Repair
        Computer viruses are everywhere, even if you have virus protection adware, spyware, and viruses can still mange to find their way into your PC. But have no fear, NetTech PC prides itself on our state of the art diagnostic process. Not only can we fix bugs but our technicians are also experts in repairing and replacing hardware items such as a motherboards or modems. Whether your problem is hardware or software related we will resolve your problems in a timely manner.

If you would like some background information on spyware, adware, etc. take a look below.

Any type of program intended to harm a PC is considered malware. Malware includes:
        Viruses are programs attach themselves to another program and begin to replicate themselves and spread to other computers. They are spread mostly through the internet and e-mail but can also be passed by infected diskettes and software. These viruses can cause your computer to slow down, corrupt files, and erase information.

        Worms, unlike viruses, are self contained. They do not need other programs to duplicate themselves and often go unnoticed until significant memory space is used.

        Trojans are hidden coding in programs and data that corrupt files and the PC hard drive. They can not duplicate themselves but they can activate other malware.

        Spyware is computer software that takes information,such as browser patterns and system information, about a specific computer. It can then redirect you to other web sites or allow pop-up ads to appear. It is not intend to damage your PC it is just an illegal process to gather information.

        Adware is a branch of spyware. It is application that is displayed while another program is running. An example of adware is pop-ups. Adware is also not intended to harm your PC but the extra memory it take to run can slow down your computer's performance.