Networking your computers and equipment provides easy access to files on all computers and eliminates the need of multiple printers and other equipment. We have networking packages to suit both business and home needs. (To view details click the topics below.)
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Operating system installation/Sharing of cable or DSL
        Have a new operating system but can't get it going? We have the knowledge to replace your existing OS to help maximize your PC's performance.

Cabling & Termination
        Our experts can connect multiple computers to one internet connection through the use of a modem and router. We can supply you with everything you need or we can install it for you.

Design & Implementation
        We design networks according to your needs. We will go over to your business or home and install the network on-site. We will discuss the options that are available and go over any questions and possible problems you might have and we will show show you how much it will cost for your network.

        Our engineers are trained in multiple technologies and multivendor networks. They have a vast amount of technical knowledge and can solve any problems that may occur. Our maintenance experience and expertise is beyond compare in Northern Florida. We thoroughly train our technicians in the most recent programs.

        At one point, your computer will malfunction, leaving you frustrated or confused. If you don't know what went wrong, let us at Nettle, INC. evaluate your computer and locate the cause of the problem. We will then inform you of the problem and suggest the best solution(s) to fix your computer!

Data Back-up
        We know your data is very important. You need to be sure that your information is safe. Our experts can offer suggestions for better assurance or do data backup for you. Varying degrees of data backup services are available.

Peer-to-peer connection
        Peer-to-peer (or P2P) computer network is any network that does not rely on dedicated servers for communication but uses direct connections between clients (or peers). This type of network arrangement differs from the client-server model where communication is generally relayed by the server. In a p2p network, any peer is able to initiate or complete any supported transaction with any other peer. Different peer-to-peer networks have varying P2P overlays.

Client set-up
        We can install the client programs for your computer. If you need help with Novell, Microsoft Windows, or Linux call us to help you setup one of these clients or simply bring your computer in for us to work on.

Service contracts
        One of the HOTTEST services that we offer is our SERVICE CONTRACTS. With a service contract you can expect quick response to any problem you may encounter. We have three levels to suit your needs. Visit the service contract page for more information.

        Once your network is up and running we will provide you with the necessary training to help use your network to the max.

Remote Desktop
        Remote access is a set of technologies that connects computers, usually located in different locations. Remote access is generally used by organizations to connect an employee's computer to an organization's network to read email or access shared files. Users run remote access client software and initiate a connection to a remote access server. The remote access server validates users and services sessions until terminated by the user or network administrator. All services typically available to a LAN-connected user are enabled by means of the remote access connection.

Terminal services
        Terminal services extend the model of distributed computing by allowing PCs to operate in a server-based environment. Applications and user desktops are transmitted over the network and is then displayed by the terminal emulation software. Each user logs on and views only their individual session, which is managed by the server operating system.

Cross-platform sharing
        We can allow PC computers and Mac computers to share data between them, which is very useful for company computers.

File & printer sharing
        Have multiple computers, but only one printer? By home networking your computers, you can all print on a single printer and swap files between computers effortlessly instead of using storage devices.